The end of the Jesus Year

‘…when you turn 33 it’s apparently a reason to do something spectacular, remarkable or life-changing.

You know – change career, fall pregnant, travel the world, jump out of a plane, get married, run a marathon. That sort of thing.’

Me and the Girl from Clapham, October 2012

A year ago I was looking for ideas on how to make the unremarkable age of 33 into a year to remember.

Good grief – sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for.

Even though I’ve not fallen pregnant, got married or jumped out of a plane, this year ended up being filled with unplanned highs and lows, culminating in what I ended up describing as a being ‘generationally insane‘ almost exactly halfway through the year.

Unintentionally, the year of being 33 has been life-changing. I’ve struck out to work alone as a freelancer, a seismic shift that means I have to daily take my courage and confidence in my hands and believe hard enough I’m good enough at what I do that people should pay me to do it without me sitting opposite them in an office.

It takes a lot of courage. It takes more courage than any of us have on our own to go for what you dream.

I had to ask myself what it is I actually want to do and who I am (a question still not completely answered) and then start to do it and be her.

This time last year I wrote how I wasn’t sure if the coming year could beat the previous. Honestly, I don’t know if I really want to lay down that kind of gauntlet again. Instead I prefer to reflect on how astonished I am at what being 33 panned out to be.

I had lots of help from people who lent me their courage when I’ve not had enough. I’ve seen incredible things, been places I would never have dreamt, and achieved things in the past few months I only barely dared dream might be possible.

It’s not easy to go for your dreams. They have to be asked for, fought for, and won. It’s an uncertain and untidy path to choose, and probably ill-advised. But dreams exist to call us on to be something more and to do something greater.

Jesus year or not, whatever your age, go for your dreams.



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