Glasto Food: Paellaria

Williams Green
Veggie paella £5.50
Chicken and chorizo paella £6.50
Bit of both £6

When you’ve got a big sign out front declaring you won the independent food van of the year award 2012, you’re begging for a blogger to come, eat and pass judgement.

20130630-195236.jpgIt more than passed muster. I had the half and half option. Veggie paella is beans, peas and butternut squash. The meat version is hickey and chorizo. Both were equally flavoursome though the veg content was higher in the veggie half than the meat content in the meat half.
It’s garnished with a lovely fresh tasting red pepper relish and fresh coriander, and a chunky lemon quarter to squeeze over.
It was good food – nothing was over or underdone – the veggies firm, the rice just right. Whether it’s the best independent food at this festival or in the UK, I don’t know. I’m not entirely convinced but it’s one of the most satisfying and nourishing things I’ve eaten here the past few days.

I say: ‘Best of the fest or best of the rest?’

Have it both ways and go half and half 9/10


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