Glasto Food: Pieminister vs random Cornish Pasty stand

Pieminister vs random Cornish Pasty stand
Stage Road nr Pyramid

Non-descript chicken and mushroom turnover £2.50
Pie, mash and gravy £7

You get what you pay for and sometimes reputation is worth heeding. Less than 50 yards apart are a rather nothingy Cornish pasty stand selling chicken and mushroom turnovers for £2.50 and the renowned pie makers Pieminister, selling pie and gravy for £6.

I grabbed a chicken turn pastry thing because I was hungry and wanted something quick and cheap. What can I say – I think the strongest flavour was the mono sodium glutomate.

BUT we had high expectations of Pieminister, Bristol’s finest and…. We were not disappointed.
Solid pastry, crisp and not too thick but maintaining its structural integrity and without gaining a soggy bottom, filled full with good quality meat – I had steak and ale, the Petes had steal and chorizo, and ham hock and pea – and a flavoursome, thick gravy. For an extra quid you can get creamy, non-lumpy, potato mash.

I say: ‘I do love a good pie’

Mono sodium glutomate in cardboard – no thanks 2/10
Perfect pastry, packed full of good stuff – yum scrunch


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