Review: Supper in a Pear Tree pop up

This is meant to be something slightly more sophisticated and lighthearted, to contrast with the political tirades you’ve been bombarded with the past few days.

I have a lovely friend who texted me last week ‘If you’re free tomorrow from 7pm there’s a space with your name on it at the Supper in a Pear Tree pop-up art and supper club. Cost £35. Hope you can come?’

Art and food on a Thursday? Go on then, I replied.

‘Fabulous! Model is nude! I’ll email the instructions.’

What hadn’t been entirely clear in the first text, was that the art bit, was life drawing. Forewarned is forearmed they say, so I duly went through a slightly dodgy gated entrance off Lavender Hill, up some stairs round the back of a building, along a bashed up corridor, and through a door into an incredible studio-cum-dining space.

A circle of easels were set up with paper and charcoal, and the model appeared on time and posed effortlessly for us. First of all we had 20 minutes to attempt to draw her ourselves. Then Charlotte Partridge, one half of the Pear Tree pop-up team, demonstrated how to do it. With her charcoal she marked out the dimensions of the model’s figure, and as she did so explained that she was treating her drawing in the same way a sculptor approaches a block of stone, marking away the spaces, rather than drawing in what is there.

photo (3)Then it was our turn. In spite of having been shown how to do it, my representation of this poor woman turned out to be extremely top heavy. Perhaps a touch of breast envy?

Life drawing was a great ice breaker. When we moved to the table for the second half of the evening the conversation was flowing nicely, as was the banter about our mad attempts to capture the human form. Annabel Partridge, trained in a Michelin starred restaurant, prepared a Sri Lankan curry and a beautiful rhubarb dessert, served to us, slightly disconcertingly, by the model (thankfully now clothed).

I’d recommend the night!

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