Burning Buildings

God 52

In our first guest post on this week’s challenge topic of Simplicity, journalist Johanna Derry explains how the 2011 London riots caused her to reflect on what she really needs. 

JohannaOther than your family and pets, what would you rescue from a burning building? It’s a classic hypothetical question, asked so you can work out what matters most to you. In theory once you know what you value, you can simplify or prioritise your life accordingly.

About 18 months ago, I found myself in the slightly odd situation of actually trying to decide what I to rescue if my flat were to burn. I lived above a Greggs bakery near to Clapham Junction in London and, in August 2011, a handful of Greggs’ in the city were burned to the ground, the carbonised product of a few nights of rioting.

That week I happened not to be staying at…

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