A memorial service and hot cross buns

I was at a memorial service  for a friend a few days ago. Lots of people made very moving tributes, and although there were lots of very separate circles of friends represented, it was lovely to discover that we all essentially knew the same man, even if we didn’t know about one another.

I wondered what would be the common themes my friends might comment on once I’m dead. Maudlin, I know, but you almost can’t help but wonder about your own legacy when confronted with the death of someone you knew well. I reckon a love of cheese might come up. And inappropriate jokes…

Anyway, everyone of course praised his character, but lots of people also remarked that in the run up to Easter our friend would make it his mission to taste and appraise every hot cross bun available. Last Easter I remember he was slightly disdainful that I preferred Marks and Spencer’s cranberry and orange hot cross bun over the traditional currant offering. Clearly he had different standards when it came to judging a good bun.

Hot (cross) buns

So this weekend I had a go at making hot cross buns with bread flour and yeast. Given my track record, I thought if I started to practise now, I’ll be able to make stellar hot cross buns by Easter, buns that might just meet the high standards of my late and missed friend.

I couldn’t be bothered to make the cross paste this time though (the laziness kicks in again), so they turned out more fruit bun than hot cross bun. Still, they tasted pretty good. I think…

Here’s the recipe I used hotcrossbuns – get practising now and you’ll have them licked by Good Friday.

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