Exhibit #1b: Forgotten Valentine’s Day cards

Like I said in my last post, I’ve always believed that I have only ever received one Valentine’s card in my life.

But look what I found…

#1b. Three Valentine’s cards, senders both unknown and sadly unremembered (if ever discovered)

Yes. I am that callous. I have no idea even when I got these, let alone who they were from.

I assume I didn’t count these cards because they weren’t ‘serious’. And I suppose I must have also known who they were from once too.

Now, however, all I can do is guess. I don’t even recognise the handwriting. I think that may be forgivable given that one has clearly had the handwriting disguised.

The hand scribbled one is maybe a prank card from a young person who I worked with in my past?

And the card addressed to Jo? Must have been from university, because I was only ever (reluctantly) a Jo there…

Honestly, I have no idea. No wonder I’m single.


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