Curating the content of your own life

I keep things. Do you do this? Cinema tickets, leaflets for exhibitions I’ve been to see, notes scribbled on pieces of paper, small objects which remind me of a specific time or place. 

I’ve been keeping things since I was about 15 or 16 I think. First of all I kept notes and cards like evidence in between the relevant pages of my diary, as if having a cinema ticket would corroborate the story I was writing.

I think my intention has always been to compile everything together neatly, and to log it. But instead I’ve got this higgledy piggledy box which has been sitting in my parents’ loft full of stuff from school to when I left Fleetwood (and started this blog) in 2007.

That’s when I started a new collection, so I’ve got another drawer full of stuff from my London life too. Image

So I’m going to go through it and log it here. It might be a little sporadic, and I’ll spare you the mind-numbingly dull. I won’t be reviewing every single film I’ve got a ticket stub for from memory (though that could be entertaining), for example.

I expect to be confronted with evidence that proves my memory wrong. And to find things that meant something at the time and mean nothing to me now. And things which bring back feelings and moments as clear as if they were yesterday.

So let’s see how I get on.

Welcome to the museum of my life…


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