Life laundry

Along with detoxing, attempting not to spend any money and generally hiding indoors at night watching box sets of all the tv series I missed the previous year, January means tax return time.

I always dread it. My approach to filing is to stick all important documents in one box and then, when tax return time comes along, to rummage through the box hunting out my p60 and bank statements and invoices for jobs I’ve done. It’s not really efficient filing and my hope is that HMRC never comes to look at my books. They’ll get given three box folders of everything ‘important’ from the receipt for the deposit I paid for the flat I lived in in 2006 to old electricity bills and my degree certificates, plus the ‘pending’ cardboard box with all my most recent ‘important’ bits in it.

Tonight I finally took myself in hand and settled down to the task. And three hours later, form completed, I have also discovered that for 2012, along with bills and bank statements, I chose to ‘file’ into my important box:

My glasses prescription
The paper part of my driving licence
A rail travel voucher worth £10
A list of my values
A hand drawn foraging map of Wandsworth Common
An envelope marked ‘rocket seeds’

Life is more than bills. It looks like 2012 was about vision, travel, discovering myself and discovering nature.

What will be in the box for 2013?



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