My true love gave to me…

‘You know I ran across an old box of letters while I was bagging up some clothes for goodwill.
And you know I had to laugh, because the same old struggles that plagued me then are plaguing me still.
I know the road is long from the ground to glory, but a boy can hope he’s getting some place.
But you see I’m running from the very clothes I’m wearing, and dressed like this, I’m fit for the chase…

But I am thankful…’

Caedmon’s Call, Thankful

Twelve things I am grateful for in 2012:

An amazing trip to New Zealand (which started in 2011, but was a dream come true way to start the year)

New friends – who knew you could still find new people to like who like you alongside the old people who’ve liked you a long time?

Being able to leave my old job feeling appreciated.

Feeling brave enough to risk starting something completely different as a new job.

Being asked out on a date by an incredibly sexy Frenchman.

A day out at the Olympics.

Living below the line.

The Diamond Jubilee concert in Hyde Park – lots of singing and dancing with good friends.

Learning to make sourdough.

My grandad’s 90th birthday!

The privilege of travel – Turkey, Donegal, Edinburgh, Jersey…

A place of my own and people to turn to for sanctuary – the best gifts 2012 could ever bring.




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