Advent with me: the conclusion

It says a lot about my advent season when I realise that I’m penning my final entry at quarter to midnight on Christmas Eve.

We were urged to try to find the space to contemplate, to prepare, to escape from the mayhem of the Christmas build up and to breath. But I barely found myself able to do it at all.

Still in the gaps between crisis and meltdown I have discovered a few things this advent…
Sometimes it’s better to take the lower ground, even when you could legitimately hold the moral high ground. Life demands to be faced with tenacity and courage.
Peace is not the absence of striving. It takes work to bring peace on earth and to offer goodwill to all men.
No kindness is too small to make a difference. No act of selflessness has ever not made a difference.
Everybody needs a safe place to retreat to, and friends who have got your back.
Making things takes time and when you’ve no time, nothing gets made, but time can always be made whether you’ve got it or not.

Five minutes til Christmas so I’m off to sleep before Santa comes. Here’s to advent tranquility and to a very merry Christmas Day.


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