Advent with me: Red

‘Arise! Shine! Your light has come.’

Last weekend I saw a man wearing corduroy trousers with mini snowmen sewn onto them, completely without embarrassment. Even though the chances of snow are greater after Christmas, those trousers will not see daylight beyond December 31, for sure.

Christmas is brash and bold. We’ve got lights. We’ve got spangle. We’ve got cheesy jingles and the Coca-Cola advert all telling us holidays are coming.

Though it’s busy, advent is cheerful and purposeful. We bustle around and romanticise the winter, feeling the cold but not complaining too hard. That’s what January is for.
It’s easier to go bold in December and wear brights than it is in January, because you’re being festive.

A few weeks ago a friend urged me to ‘go with the red’. I went out straight away and bought a red lipstick. She wasn’t talking about anything as shallow as make up.
‘There’s something about a woman who feels bold enough to wear red. Don’t choose beige; go with the red.’

It’s easy to feel jubilant in the run up to Christmas, the challenge is to roll the joy out, slap on the red lipstick and wear the snowman trousers, to keep that attitude of anticipation, beyond Christmas and into the rest of your life.


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