Remaking Bridget Jones

Years ago, when I was studying for my finals, I went to one of my coursemate’s flats to revise. Painted on the back of the toilet door was an extract from Bridget Jones’ Diary, and my 22 year old self thought this was Da Bomb (although not in those terms because Da Bomb wasn’t a phrase in currency in my vocab in 2002…).

Ever since, I’ve wanted to do something similar in a bathroom or toilet in one of the eight places I’ve lived since graduation (I know, I’m a nomad). Bridget’s constant obsessing about her weight, her appearance, her diet and her bad habits seems to me to be ideally suited to the bathroom, since that’s where those thoughts seem to appear most often.

We’ve had a blank canvas covering a section of woodchip in our rented abode for almost 18 months now, and so this weekend, it being a bank holiday, I thought I’d do something about it.

Inspired in part by the clean, illustrations of designers who’ve reinterpreted films to create new movie posters, I thought I’d have a go myself…

I had a plan that would have worked brilliantly as a screenprint, but in the absence of owning a printing press or etching materials, I made it a different way.

First I painted a solid block of colour.








Then I drew out my design, and cut out the largest sections I needed to paint, to make a stencil.











With the biggest blocks of white on the canvas, then I drew in the rest of the design in chalk. I painted over the top of the chalklines super carefully, let it dry, and then wiped the chalk away with my fingers.








Voila! In pride of place above my loo – an idea ten years in the making. Feels good to see it finally made.


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