Being June Carter

My lovely friend V celebrated her 40th birthday last week, and threw a massive party with a Hollywood theme – the perfect excuse to get glammed up.

She also asked me if I would sing, and so for several weeks beforehand I spent a lot of my daydreaming time compiling imaginary setlists of songs I knew she liked that I might be able to pull off reasonably well.

It was only while I was away on holiday that I realised I’d not thought about what I was going to wear. Whatever my outfit was going to be, the presence of a guitar was going to have to fit with it. Rocking a guitar is not easy to pull off in a full length maxi dress with a low back…

But I was hit with inspiration – I’d go to the party as June Carter, minus Johnny Cash, sing one of their songs and the guitar would be part of the costume.

I knew I could pull this off – Reese Witherspoon playing June Carter in Walk the Line wears gorgeous full-skirted 1950s frocks. I own a couple of these – the one I chose is vintage, a dress that my mother wore in her teens in the 1970s. It was a bit faded in places, so I redyed it, then bought spray starch and blitzed the skirt so it held its shape.

I also coloured my hair a little darker (probably a little too dark) to match the colour of June’s (and to cover the grey hair in my fringe) and then set to work practising backcombing my hair to get a mini beehive and quiff.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Pink dress, big quiff, full skirt, dark brown hair, instrument

Big forehead but sadly no man in black…



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