Parting is such sweet sorrow

So it’s over. I’ve left. But not without a bit of a bash and a bang. One of my lovely workmates arranged a night out at the Queen of Hoxton with the Social Athletics Club – they came along and organised a round-robin table tennis tournament for us, complete with scoresheets, plastic visors, and medals.

Knowing we were going to play ping pong, I took advantage of AB’s table tennis table last weekend to work out how good bad I actually am…


The competition was fierce. Lots of people in the office began to reveal their secret table tennis talents – one of my workmates had had lessons, another was a high school champ. Another just said, simply but terrifyingly, ‘I play’, as he pulled out his own table tennis bat…
In spite of this pre-match psyching out but I managed to come away with a medal – even if it was the wooden spoon!


Leaving the office for the last time was much more emotional than I thought it would be. Walking out of the door of a place where you’ve invested your time and yourself for several years is harder to do than I realised. Harder still to say goodbye to the lovely people I’ve worked with.

Whether losing at ping pong or completing magazines, it’s all been good. Though I was sad to go, I felt very loved and wanted as I did.


(A little but teary, but putting on a brave face)


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