Good Friday

London is virtually empty over Easter weekend. But not in Trafalgar Square – some friends and I went down to join the thousands of others who watched the performance of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus.

First, Jesus does a bit of healing and some teaching. Then he gets angry in the Temple because the authorities are ripping off poor and ordinary people while they try to show their devotion to God.

The authorities get annoyed with him, bribe his friend into betraying him and arrest him. The Roman governor hands Jesus over to be executed.

He’s beaten, flogged, spat at and then forced to carry his own cross to his place of execution.

Unable to take the strain, he falls, so the Roman guards with him grab someone from the crowd (they literally did this, picking a random guy out from the spectators on the steps. The woman with him ran after him shrieking – which made it all the more convincing).

He’s nailed to a cross, and there he dies.

I know it looks gory, but don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

He’s buried. His followers are terrified they’ll be arrested and killed too and go to ground. It’s the Passover and the Sabbath so no one goes to the tomb until the third day after he was killed. When they get there, he’s gone…


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