The (un)bikini diet

I am going on holiday in three weeks’ time, and somehow I’ve got to get bikini fit in that time.
So naturally my response has been to eat solidly for the past six days.

I was up in Norfolk last weekend visiting family, and my very generous uncle treated me, my aunt and cousins to a lovely dinner out at the Hunny Bell, near Holt. I had scallops to start. Then everyone ate fish and chips except me – I had yummy pork chops with puy lentils. And then as an ultimate indulgence, the hunny Bell’s award winning trio of chocolate desserts – warm dark chocolate fondant, chocolate brownie and chocolate and marshmallow ice cream. Thank you very much Uncle J.

Still full from dinner the night before, my lovely aunt then cooked a fantastic Sunday roast – beef, Yorkshires, roasties, heaps of veggies, gravy and finished the lot off with creme caramel.

The weekend’s guilt kicked in, so I walked into work. But that evening was hosted by the exceptional culinary skills of DS and the conversational stylings of KB. D made lovely thick beef bourguignon (BEFORE WORK THAT MORNING) with potatoes au gratin and kale. We ate virtuous berries with yoghurt for afters, and I rolled home.

A guilt-driven walk into work again, and a restrained day trying not to raid the biscuit cupboard, because I was being fed again that evening. This time it was hotdogs, but really we’re talking oven-baked sausages in honey and mustard, crispy french bread, lovely salad, and a very stretched tummy.

I was all set for a night of austerity, and then I got an email late in the day from a journalist friend, copying me into an invite to the launch of the new Asian menu at Aquum on Clapham High Street. Would I like to go? So I and itwasallonestream hopped on a bus for champagne cocktails, red wine, and dinner. Aquum have teamed up with Thai restaurant Amaranth to deliver a south Asian street food inspired menu. The highlight for me was the seabass, but we tried beef, veggie, chicken and cashew nut, and duck dishes. Feeling full, I walked the last stretch south to my door.

Normally I gather with a whole pile of friends for soup and bread and cheese, but not this particular week. So when L texted and invited me over for supper, the writing was on the wall – this is one of those weeks where I’m just going to eat and there’s nothing I can do, except go with the flow… Considering it was a last-minute, just pop over, kind of invite – the grilled aubergine and courgette, tomato-ey sauce, goats cheese and caramelised onion treat she dished up looked semi-pro.

And so now it’s Friday. I’ve already had a delicious falafel wrap from Exmouth Market for lunch, I’m thinking about baking tonight, I’m meeting NC for brunch tomorrow morning, and RH for cake, and…

Well, once I get back who’s going to see me if I had a bikini body anyway? Might as well eat, drink and be merry, eh?


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