Back to the bearded

I’ve had a few beard-related links sent to me that past couple of weeks, so in the interests of reintroducing some levity to this all of a sudden, oh so serious blog, here they are…

The slightly dubious ‘Better with a beard’, a collection of pictures leading you to compare and contrast famous men in a bearded and shaven state. The idea is you conclude with the author that they all look ‘better with a beard’. Actually, I’m not fully convinced it does work for all of them. Of page one is anything to go on, it should be better described as ‘hide your ageing saggy jowls with a beard’.
Nevertheless, there is this gem – the deeply unattractive (to me) David Schwimmer, is suddenly miraculously transformed into some kind of man-god with the addition of neatly trimmed facial hair.

And Prince William with a beard – really who knew?

Sometimes beards really can make all the difference.

Then there are famous (if slightly over-) bearded authors, courtesy of the Telegraph.

And the result of looking at this image on a Tumblr page dedicated to the Crushing Self-doubt of actor Jon Hamm, led to this Google search result…

Hours of Friday happiness, right there.

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