TOWIE Below the Line

Everything was back to normal. And then I got an email invite from RC, who had told me about Live Below the Line in the first place – the Global Poverty Project were doing an event to raise awareness of the challenge, UNICEF would be there, and would I like to come as a blogger?

I said yes. Apparently there would be members of the cast of The Only Way is Essex there. If you read this blog regularly, you might have gathered last year that I’m more of a Made in Chelsea kinda girl if there’s a choice to be made. So I spent Monday lunchtime eating a split pea and veggie soup and reading the TOWIE Wikipedia page to get an idea of who was who. I knew the moment I started trying to match names to faces I was going to be in trouble – the permatans, hair extensions, eyelashes and botoxed lips meant that they all blurred into one.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to address any of them by name. Four of them – Lauren Pope, Lauren Goodger, Frankie and Peri – paired off to compete against each other and the clock to produce food that was the equivalent of 33p a portion. The ‘blonde team’ made meatballs and pasta (I think); the ‘brunette team’ made stir fry veggies with noodles and rice.The kitchens of Shoreditch Waterhouse, which hosted the event, were rammed full of photographers, all trying to capture the girls in their domesticated glory. I sat and drank the free red wine which was being served and watched it all happen around me.

They came and served us with our food, we had our pictures taken with them (don’t ask me which one I had my picture taken with), and then they disappeared off to answer their phones or smoke or something. They were amazing at posing for the cameras, but clearly entirely clueless when it came to media training. The PR for the Global Poverty Project announced the winner, and one of the TOWIE girls wandered to and then back from the loos: ‘Oh you’ve announced the winner without me!’

I’m still not entirely sure what the link between 1.4 billion extremely poor people and four highly manicured girls from Essex is. But, like, whatevs. It was totes amaze. And you should all be well jel.

“Live Below the Line” for UNICEF by surviving on £1 of food a day for 5 days and help save and transform a child’s life.
Join the Live Below the Line challenge and raise money for UNICEF’s work with children 7th – 11th May

And you can sponsor me too!


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