Feminist Friday and the Week in Beards

It amazes me how much talk there is about beards if you pay attention to it. I guess like anything, if you’re not looking for it, you’re unlikely to see it, but now I’m looking for a good beard, I see them everywhere!

For example, Frightened Rabbit, the band from Glasgow, posted on Facebook that their new beards calendar is now available. And the Guardian ran a picture gallery of cinema’s most exciting moustaches (not quite a beard, I concede, but still a tribute to facial hair, nevertheless).

My lovely colleague, It was all one stream, however, sent me a link to what must be the superlative collection of beards on the web currently. These are the kinds of beards I mean when I talk about beards – neat and tidy, trimmed ones. Not the massive and overblown ones that tend to feature in beard blogs.

And Tom Cox, who is becoming a regular on this blog, popped up again this week, bearded AGAIN. Oh fickle face of man, this is one of the joys of the beard – once shaven off, it can be regrown with great speed.

In spite of the greatness of his beard, the Archbishop of Canterbury does not get to decide whether to appoint women as bishops in the Church of England. That has been the subject of a long running discussion, and one that could have potentially been decisively ended at this week’s General Synod. But why settle a question when you can debate it some more? So, in a style becoming typical in the Anglican church, we stil don’t know whether women will ever be allowed to wear silly hats and carry shepherd’s crooks in city centres. In much the same way as I wondered whether women should be bothered about not doing more film voiceovers last week, the Independent questioned why we should want to be bishops. After all, it sounds like a bit of a rubbish job if this article is to be believed.

Also this week, Karl Lagerfeld called Adele fat, a ballerina based at La Scala was sacked after claiming the dance company forced her into disordered eating, and Dawn French said she felt happier as a fat person. All of which makes me think perhaps I ought to eat more cake…

Finally, the relatively hair-free, although definitely bearded, Patrick Stewart wrote very movingly about why we should support women’s refuges, many of which are closing due to government cuts. It is still tragic that women can be beaten in their own homes. And tragic they should have nowhere to go for sanctuary, incredibly when donkey refuges are more supported by the public.
Red Magazine launched a petition to have this very important issue debated in the House of Commons this week. Take ten seconds, sign it now and help save a woman’s life. After all, there but for the grace of God go you or I.

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