Feminist Friday and the week in beards

The week began with Jodie Marsh trending on Twitter. She was starring in a Channel 5 documentary on the impact of bullying. It became clear through the course of the programme that bullying crushed Jodie Marsh’s self esteem so much, that instead of pursuing her goal of becoming a vet, she decided to fix and then flaunt her body in an attempt to feel more attractive. The pursuit of affirmation entirely derailed her life.
Libertarian Lou wrote a fairly comprehensive blogpost explaining why the much derided Ms Marsh was a better model for modern feminism than the female politicians debating on Newsnight at the same time. Well worth a read.

Not that feminism in the political sphere is pointless or ineffective. Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson gained another victory over the cosmetics advertisers, this time getting a heavily retouched Rachel Weisz anti-wrinkle cream advert for L’Oreal banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. The ad was described as misleadingly exaggerating the performance of the product.

COPYRIGHT EXPRESS & STAR PIC - Patrick Mulvaney. 2/2/2012.

In the bowels of Parliament, meanwhile, shadow equalities minister Kate Green had the Stafford-brewed ale Top Totty withdrawn from a parliamentary bar, because its pump plate featured a half-naked lady. Tory MP Jeremy Lefroy who had introduced the ale to the bar was disappointed. Sadly, the MP for Stafford doesn’t fulfil the stereotype of real ale drinkers, and is rather disappointingly (for me at least) entirely clean shaven. But who says the face of feminism cannot be bearded?

Not Bill Bailey…

The New York Times asked why the voice of God is always a man, especially when he’s starring in a film. Apparently female film voiceovers are rare because they lack power and credibility. I can’t ever remember hearing a female voice narrate a trailer – is this something that should change? Do we care?

Finally, Tom Cox, whose beard was celebrated on this blog a couple of weeks ago, has, according to this image posted on the Guardian website earlier this week, shaved off his beard.

Sad times. Perhaps he should take note of the words of Australian band, The Beards

2 responses to “Feminist Friday and the week in beards

  1. I know of one example where the voice of God isn’t a man. In the Kevin Smith film “Dogma,” which stars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as violent avenging angels, God is played by the singer Alanis Morrissette. (And the late, great George Carlin has a fantastic role as the Cardinal Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey.)

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