The Love Monster

January is gone, finally. Why does it always feel like the longest month? You desperately wait for it to be over, and then as soon as February emerges, you realise, it’s the month, as a dear friend of mine said in her Facebook status, all spinsters wish could be erased entirely from the Julian calendar.

I’m not a fan of the word spinster as a description, but I agree with the sentiment. If we could just pick up February from the 15th that would be perfect.

Anyway, in a nod to the build-up to the season of romance, there’s a book on my desk that arrived about a week ago. And since it did, people have been pausing as they pass by, to read it.

It’s called the Love Monster, and it’s a new children’s book by Rachel Bright.

The main character, the Love Monster, is very sweet but doesn’t quite fit in with all the cutesy, pretty other creatures. The author explained the plot in a blogpost on the Harper Collins website

“The story? Well, it’s a about an epic search. Perhaps the biggest one any of us will ever make. The search for love. We’re all looking for something in life – from friendship, to success, to romance, to happiness and everything in between.

But sometimes it can feel like the harder you look, the more elusive your goal gets. Well, Love Monster is about how often, the thing you search is actually out there looking for you too.

“This book is for the Love Monster within us all. That part of us which is searching for something. I think it’s a universal feeling – in the very young or very old, the rather tall or super short, the cute and fluffy or the slightly hairy, I suppose-a-bit-googly-eyed.

“Love Monster is about how sometimes, when you least expect it, love finds you.”

Turns out, (and don’t read this if you don’t want to know the ending) the Love Monster finds the one he’s looking for, also out looking for him, on, of all places, the bus.

Sadly it doesn’t say whether the bus is the 155 via Clapham Common AKA the bus of dreams.


4 responses to “The Love Monster

  1. LOVE THIS AND LOVE YOU!!! I is totally staying put – that monster better just come and find me. I quit searching 5 years ago…

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