The Quest for the Perfect Beard

After some reflection, now my dating challenge is complete, I have come to the conclusion that largely I’m looking for the same qualities in a date/relationship/future life partner as everyone else: Fairly dull things like being kind, paying attention, not being too flashy, making me laugh and being lighthearted – it’s not really rocket science, and most people would say they’re looking for those things. Any number of online dating profiles probably lay claim to these things too.

So what is it that changes a ticklist into that elusive but indefinable spark, the je ne sais quoi that makes one person seem so overwhelmingly attractive in comparison to another?

I think I may know my answer:

A strong beard

See exhibit A, sent to me from my good friend FF, who knows me very well and, so it would follow, has a good sense of my ideal man, earlier this week:

I think this guy is perfect for you!

This is based entirely, I think, on his most excellent facial hair (feel free to chip in with another reason here FF if I’m wrong). She’s not wrong. If I were scouring an internet dating site and came across this image, I’d definitely be poking/winking/smiling/whatever until I got a response.

If there were to be a new challenge for 2012 (which there isn’t so far, and I’m still open to all suggestions) perhaps the Quest to find the Perfect Beard could be it.


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