Laura’s list

Laura gave me a list before I came to NZ of things you must do while you’re in the country.

Here it is with where I’m up to:

1. Pie (not yet)
2. Flat white (in abundance)
3. Whitebait (for Christmas)
4. Sauvignon blanc (Yes – you needn’t tell me twice)
5. Pinot Noir (Started this on the plane over)
6. Kumara (In a salad with pineapple, also at Christmas)
7. Pavlova (Yum)
8. Paragliding (No chance)
9. Te Reo (Maori for ‘The language’ – been giving it a go – so far I’ve got the first two lines of the Haka down pat – Ka mate, ka mate, ka ora, ka ora – which was useful in a supermarket yesterday when translating a warning that cigarettes kill you which began Ka mate or It is death.)
10. Hangi (An earthen oven for baking – failed to complete this 😦 )
11. maes (No idea what this is and no one else seems to know either
12. Monteiths (beer 🙂 )
13. Speights (more beer :D)
14. Kiwi t-shirt (bought a Canterbury hoodie in the January sales today – does that count? It’s got kiwis on it…)
15. Sweet as (and a lot of other New Zealandisms have made their way into my chat – but not the rising intonation which you’ll be happy about mum, eh?)
16. Kia ora (Welcome in Maori – I’ve experienced a LOT of this)
17. Kai Whakapai (a cafe in Wanaka – didn’t make it that far south though…)
18. Weetbix (Does looking at the box every morning count or do I actually have to eat it?)
19. Moro bar (yes, but I’d also like to add Squiggles to this list as they’re much nicer and you can share them)
20. Fush and chups (Twice…)
21. Giant jaffas (Not yet – maybe on the plane back?)
22. Toffee pop (Also not yet)
23. L and P (mmmm yes)
24. Pash a Kiwi (No but there is a story to be told here…)
25. Pash a Kiwi while paragliding (see no. 8)

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