Six in six with six

Who knew?! I think even when I shook hands on the challenge, in the warmth of June, I doubted I would complete it.

Yet, six dates, one extra unofficial date, one near miss of a date, two kisses, one breakfast, two dinners, and a LOT of red wine later, here I am. What fun I’ve had!

Alone it’s unlikely that I would have ever succeeded. But my friends (my lovely friends) were determined I would not fail. For some reason the idea of trying to meet new people, in real life, to date, captured the imaginations of their friends, and so the ball got rolling.

After all, what if by helping me complete the challenge, They helped me to meet the man of my dreams?

Rell, the cyclops from Krull, who was actually a very noble character, even if he does look a bit odd...

I had originally thought that this whole thing was a numbers game – pure and simple. That I would literally sit for half an hour for one drink with anyone – terrible bores, freaks and one-eyed weirdos in order to prove my point.

But it turns out, the challenge is about finding love after all.
I thought there weren’t any eligible men left, but I’ve been proved wrong (and thoroughly spoiled) by all the men I’ve dated.
I didn’t believe reasonable men existed; now I’m confident there are lots more men like them out there. So much so that I’d have rather failed the challenge than go on a date with someone I knew had no chance of winning my heart.
I guess that means I’ve also rediscovered a bit of self-respect.

So to BC, CC, FF, PJ, SJ and CJ, who all helped me find dates, LR, LP, and VB, who both consoled me and cheered me on, and of course, KM, who set me the challenge in the first place – thank you. Friendship is everything.

And has anyone won my heart? Honestly, no. But is my heart out there and ready to be won?

Yes it is. Yes.


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