Number six in the Holy Drinker

If this challenge were a film I think it would end a little like this:

The overlooked but kindhearted fellow office worker who I barely speak to/friend’s flatmate/man on the 155 bus/other previously unthought about but ever present male gets up the courage to ask me out. I suddenly realise that this is the man I’ve loved all along. There’s a chase to the airport/wedding/155 bus stop, an emotional confession of true feelings, a kiss and a sense that true love really DOES conquer all, even in real life. We live happily ever after.

However, this challenge was completed in much the same way as it was achieved throughout – with the help of my friends.

On Friday night I got a surprise text from SJ – ‘I think I might have someone with me who could be your number six. He’s up for taking you out if you’ve time before you go to NZ?’

Talk about cutting it fine. With only five days left a date was fixed, and last night, with only two days left, it was done.

Mr six met me in the Holy Drinker on Northcote Road. We drank (probably a little bit too much) red wine and talked about how he skied from the hips not the knees, why he chose the job he does, rugby, how well connected to the rest of London Battersea actually is and how I ended up writing about cancer.

It was a lovely encounter with a very pleasant man, and a delightful way to spend an evening. No high speed car chases, or profound melodramatic speeches. The perfect and appropriate end to a great challenge.


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