Cliches, men, buses and the prospect of failure

In my job we’re always dabbling in wordplay, pithy quips and witty puns to try and put across our point. The enemy of these three is the cliche – trite, overused, all-too-common ways of saying things that have lost the power of their meaning.

The problem with cliches is that they are based in a true observation more often than not. So I hope you’ll forgive me for saying: men are like buses.

On Saturday I found myself on Oxford Street, an unplanned visit to do Christmas shopping that left me exhausted, overwrought and in a black mood.
I went to get a bus home.
There was one bus I wanted in particular and I waited a good long time for it while endless other buses came past.
I considered, after a while, hopping on one of these buses at least part of the way, so that if I were going to have to wait in the cold I could wait knowing I was closer to home.
Still I waited.
Finally my bus appeared, I boarded, and all was well again. Round the first corner, my bus then stopped, waiting five minutes to regulate the service. I began to get annoyed at the way my bus wasn’t moving forward.
As soon as we got back on the move the bus was diverted in the opposite direction to the way I wanted to go.
Then we got stuck in traffic.
Finally, when we actually got moving, we were overtaken by another version of the bus I was on, travelling more quickly. I resigned myself to the idea that I might never get home.

Last week, I was beginning to contemplate the prospect of failing the six with six in six challenge. I felt I’d used up all my leads and the time I had left before I go to NZ on holiday was getting shorter. In the space of two days I heard from a couple of the guys I’d already dated, chasing me for follow-ups, but they aren’t buses I want to catch right now. And I heard again from the man/bus I was waiting for, who turned up eventually, and then stuttered to a wash out of a halt, before getting diverted and stuck again.

I hate losing. Especially for a lack of buses.

But there is hope, because on Friday night, I received an unexpected text…


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