Cinnamon buns

If you’re a visitor to London, trekking along the same main stretches of Oxford Street and Piccadilly, you’d be forgiven for believing that the city is ram-packed full of crowds of people on every pavement, all jostling for space, all the time.

But step along a couple of streets, just behind the major thoroughfares, you can find peace and quiet. You can find seats at a table and coffee shops without queues.

Right in the heart of Soho – a stone’s throw from both Regent Street and Piccadilly is Golden Square. It lives up to its name, being largely silent and restful. And on one side of it, is the Nordic Bakery, a haven of plain wooden tables, good, large cups of milky coffee and extremely large, extremely good, cinnamon buns.

There’s no music playing, just the hum of gentle conversation and the occasional whoosh of milk being heated. Plain, simple, gorgeous restful space.

And really really good cinnamon buns…


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