Number five, take two

Which leads me to Official Date Number Five, who wined and dined me in high style at Hix. I thought it would just be drinks ­– pricey, but delicious cocktails at Mark’s Bar, which won the Observer Food Monthly’s award for the best place to drink. But after a couple of hours, he announced he had reservations for dinner.

So we were seated upstairs, where the waiting staff brought the meat board and talked us through all the different cuts of steak that were available to us that night. This clueless Northern girl, just nodded and smiled, and then went with a recommendation.

The way to my heart is most definitely through my stomach. Eating wonderful food and enjoying good company is almost guaranteed to make it a successful night.

When the bill came, I internally blanched at what I was about to volunteer to go halves on. But given the gent had chosen the location, he manfully rose to the occasion and refused my offer.

Then he walked me to the Tube station, took my hand and waylaid me in Trafalgar Square with a kiss that made me miss the last train and set me on the night bus home.

Lucky number five.

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