Sleeping with my phone

I realised this morning that I’ve been sleeping with my phone exactly a year. The technological revolution has infiltrated the domain of my sleep as well as almost every waking moment.

Last year I downloaded an app onto my phone called SleepCycle which records the length and quality of your sleep and wakes you up at a natural point first thing.

You plug your phone in to charge overnight, set SleepCycle and lay the phone next to your head as you dreamon the pillow.

Over the past twelve months I’ve slept an average of seven hours 18 minutes a night. I generally almost wake with the dawn and then drift back off. And the best quality sleep I had last year was at my parents’ guesthouse (go stay, it’s gorgeous!) over Christmas, when I enjoyed almost two weeks of flatlined sleep lasting almost ten hours.

As you can see, collecting information while doing nothing is addictive. But checking my sleep stats this morning I realised last night was my 365th night of sleeping with my phone. I suspect that’s long enough and I maybe its time to reclaim the night for rest and rest alone.


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