Creativity versus making

I go through phases of moaning about uncreative I am. ‘I don’t feel inspired to write anything,’ I’ll mope, as if moping will change anything.

I’ve decided to stop thinking about what I want to do as creativity and to start thinking about it as making.

Being creative implies some kind of effort, gifting, talent and inspiration. 

But making happens all the time. I make my dinner. I make my way to work. I make a joke. It’s all creative but it comes out of the natural and everyday, rather than some kind of extra-human, semi-divine effort.

I’ve told myself I need to feel creative to produce art. But I don’t need to feel anything to make. I just make.

Creativity seems almost religious and unattainable, something to be conjured up in the hope that it will make an appearance.  Making is ordinary and just happens as part of everyday life.


Realising how much I make everyday helps me realise how much creative energy I expend effortlessly. It’s liberating.

Trying to coax creativity leaves me stuck and frustrated, whereas if I just make something – a recipe I’ve never tried before, a card for a friend, time for exercise – then my creative juices start flowing.

Creativity isn’t a feeling or a gift. It’s a practice. And that practice is the act of making. So go make.


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