They say men are simple and uncomplicated creatures. This does not necessarily mean they are logical.

I’ve been sucked into watching Made in Chelsea with my flatmate (I know, I know, for someone who barely watches TV, this is a woeful choice of viewing material). I found myself getting annoyed last night with the characters more than usual.

Essentially there’s a bit of a love triangle going on between three characters – Hugo, Millie and Rosie. Millie and Rosie are supposedly friends, but Rosie clearly doesn’t have the same financial resources the others in her social circle do. Hugo thinks Rosie is lovely – she’s a serious prospect – but Millie decides to swoop in, buys him as a date at a charity auction, and uses her feminine wiles (and her extra financial resources) to essentially steal him out from under her friend’s nose.

There’s a whole blogpost to be had about this kind of female bad behaviour, but I was more annoyed that Hugo was such a dope. Instead of pursuing the long-term prospect, he let his head be turned by the short-term fling. Logically he ought to go for the nicer girl who he likes more. But because he’s simple, he’s gone for the floozy.

All of which leads to my latest theory – men are like electricity. They will always choose the path of least resistance, and go for the girl who makes it easy for them, even if they know they’d be better off making the investment elsewhere.

If love is a circuitboard, this leaves a woman with only one option. Be ruthless and take the other girl’s crocodile clips out, before she takes out yours, and leave it so that there’s only one route for the electricity to flow – the route that lights up your bulb and no one else’s.


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