Rest and be Thankful

Oh bank holidays, how I love you! While the Spanish and the Italians get the whole of August to swan off to the coast, we poor Brits slave on, with only these glorious long weekends to look forward to. Shame we’ve only got one left, but what a treat they are.

I took advantage of the extra day and went to the South Downs for a couple of days. Looking at the map to work out where I might wander on Saturday, I saw this:

The first time a map has ever commanded me to act.

So of course I wandered down to have a look on Sunday, on my way back to catch the return train to London. What would I find there? I was intrigued.

The answer is this:

A largely unremarkable, but wholly welcome flat piece of stone, perfect for sitting on, next to the path.

What else was there to do, but to sit on it, rest and then be thankful. Thankful for the chance to escape for a couple of days, thankful for the extra day in my weekend, thankful for England and all its loveliness, thankful for the quirks of this country which means a slab of stone can be marked on a map for all time.


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