Are dreams significant?

Every day I lived with Mission Control, in the morning she would start a conversation beginning ‘Last night I had this really weird dream…’ I’ve never known anyone else who dreams were so vivid and so regular that it made a daily point of conversation. Like dreams are, hers were always random and harmless.

I’m not the same. I don’t dream very often, but when I do, they’re never harmless and they’re always memorable.
Which makes me think that they’re probably significant in some way.

I’ve had this one recurring dream sequence since I was about 12 – being overwhelmed by water. I hate water dreams. Some people find themselves standing naked in front of a crowd of people. Others find themselves dodgin yawning great pits that open in front of them. I get hit by tidal waves of water – I think it represents when I’m feeling overwhelmed by a situation. Tsunamis, swimming pools, boating lakes, tidal waves – they appear in my dreams in the most unlikely of places, and when they do, the water gushes in over me, over my head, the dream collapses Inception-style, and I wake up.

A couple of nights ago my water dream revisited me.

I’d spent the whole dream trying to get away from a guy who, when I lived in Fleetwood, developed a strange and potentially hazardous obsession with me. In my dream his eyes were terrifyingly blue, and no one would believe me or help me evade him. ‘He’s benign’ they kept saying. He was getting closer and closer, I was waiting for the police to come in the hope that they would protect me, and then all of a sudden, a more immediate danger struck – the windows burst through with a fast and overpowering deluge of water, and we were all pushed up towards the ceiling, about to drown.

And then I woke up.

Normally I know what’s overwhelming me, but this time I’ve not idea. And I don’t know why such a sinister character from my past cropped up in my dream either. Not knowing means it’s been playing on my mind – why do I feel threatened and scared?

Or are dreams insignificant after all?


2 responses to “Are dreams significant?

  1. My stress dreams were often about water too, so I understand the tsunami thing. Often the obvious bits of dreams (mad man from the past) are not the significant bits. Analyse how you were thinking and feeling in the dream. That’s often more what your dream was about, and maybe it reminded you of a time in your past, hence the nutter!

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