Shout out loud moments

Good grief last weekend was FULL ON with cheer and goodwill and general wonderfulness, what with the Royal Wedding (have only just now stopped talking about it) and dear old RW’s hen.

I’m so late writing this, that I won’t waffle on, because I’ve got other things to say, so here, in brief, are my shout-out-loud moments of last Friday.

1. When the two princes left Clarence House for Westminster Abbey AKA when we opened the bubbly
After all, I’d been in Hyde Park (woolly jumper, wool socks, woolly gloves) since the gates had opened at 7am to get a good spot in front of the big screens, and by the time the boys emerged, I feel I at least deserved a little bit of fizz.

2. When Kate Middleton got to the front of the Abbey and we all got a full look at her dress AKA when the sun finally decided to come out
In fact this was an incredible moment, because up until this point, as Huw Edwards continually reminded us, it had seriously threatened to pelt it down with rain. As she stepped in line with William the sun broke out and everyone cheered.
This is also the point when I began to wonder where the genes for being tall with aristocratic knees had disappeared to in my family.
I honestly didn’t think I cared about what she’d be wearing, but true to girly form, I was overcome with desire, envy and awe at how truly lovely Duchess Catherine Cambridge looked. And then decided I’d be happy to settle for looking like her sister Pippa. A girl can dream can’t she?

3. When they played the national anthem AKA when I realised how much of a patriot I actually am
CC and I love a good sing and had belted out all the hymns, complete with harmonies, all the way through the whole broadcast of the service, but when everyone rose to their feet for the national anthem, I couldn’t help but feel a completely irrational pride in being from a country that is so pompous it does pomp brilliantly.

4. When Kate couldn’t help but say ‘Oh WOW!’ on the balcony AKA when we realised she wasn’t a complete automaton
For all her carefully refined accent, perfect hair, grooming, style, patience, discretion and fabulously fine knees (yes, I am obsessed with knees – I’ll explain my theory about them some other time), I loved the fact that being confronted with huge crowds filling the vast space of the Mall was not something she could keep her cool at. That initial reaction of awe was a brilliant glimpse of something real about the otherwise flawless princess. Now I can actually dare to believe she possible breaks wind too.

5. When the Battle of Britain flypast scooped round and over where we all were at Hyde Park AKA when I cried at the power and majesty of machines
I don’t know if it’s their age, or how low they were, or what they represented, but when the Lancaster Bomber and Spitfires flew over it was a really emotional moment. My eyes pricked up with tears as their engines thrummed overhead. Odd because growing up we’d regularly have fighter planes speed so low over our house that it would shake, and I never felt emotional about them. I guess it’s the symbolism and connection of all the elements of the day to our past that makes it so significant.

We all shouted and sang and stood and waved our flags and felt a lot better for it. Can’t wait for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year and the chance to do it all again!


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