Gold shoes

Do clothes have totemic powers? I was chatting to the photographer I was with in Italy about how he got together with his girlfriend. Apparently she had one dress she always wore when she wanted to guarantee herself success on a night out. It obviously worked. B also had specific dresses that were guaranteed to get her into trouble (which makes me wonder what chance the Moldovan public have against her).

On her departure she left me a pair of gold shoes. Making me the proud owner now of two pairs of gold high heels. I’ve never been particularly bling, so the idea of owning more gold heels than I do black heels feels slightly perverse.

Still, on Saturday night, I cracked them out and let them loose on Marylebone. JM and I decided to dress to match – skinny jeans, a black top and gold shoes. I don’t think there’s any particular power in the shoes themselves, but like good underwear or a new haircut, changing the way you look gives you an excuse to live up to your appearance.

In this instance, I got to live up to the appearance of a woman who’s wearing gold shoes. In fact, I got to be the kind of woman who doesn’t just own one pair of gold shoes, but two. Last time I wrote about gold shoes, I ended up dancing, shamelessly wearing them with pyjamas.

You see the Girl from Clapham in gold shoes is shameless. And a bit brassy. Which meant that on Saturday night I boldly chatted away to all kinds of people I’ve never met before as if it were the most normal thing in the world, including a couple of fairly attractive blokes. Heaven save them, I’m not sure they quite understood what was happening to them, as two short, gold-shod women gave them no option but to give them the requisite attention spangly shoe-wearing ladies deserve.

If my gold shoes have totemic powers, it’s to bring out my inner northerner. I think I shall let her out a little more often.


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