IWD guest post: The importance of motherhood

My lovely mummy makes another appearance!

I wrote last year as a guest on this subject, about the continuing struggle of women across the world to be educated, treated fairly and allowed to be free to make life choices. I also celebrated the freedom we have in this country, bought by the determination of women who have gone before us, to vote, to work alongside men as equals. But this time, I want to celebrate those women whose life choice is to give up their place in the world of work, who sacrifice their careers, settle for quiet ignominy, and devote themselves to their children. It’s a difficult choice to make, to perhaps give up your own hopes and aspirations, live on less income, and know that though you may return to work one day, you’ll have been overtaken by those who stayed the course.

However, let’s not lament too much. These women have given their all for their children, because of a love that goes deep, deeper than any selfish desire to climb a career ladder. Surely this is a beautiful thing, a choice that at least we have the freedom to make, and something to celebrate on International Women’s Day.

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