Greasy spoon

I’ve been thinking the past few days, about where I would take someone if I were a guide showing visitors around London.

On Saturday morning, bright and stupidly early, I think I found the place my ultimate 24 hour imaginary off-the-beaten track, insider’s guide to London would begin.

Tucked away on a corner in Pimlico, the Regency Cafe has been doling out fry-ups since 1946. Sometimes, what you really really need to kickstart your day/weekend, is a plate full of sausage, bacon, fried egg, beans and hash browns, with a big cup of coffee in a mug.

Greasy spoons do the full English better than anywhere else, and the Regency has the full retro works, the art deco exterior, red check blinds and formica tables. It also has a proper greasy spoon clientele – PJ and I were surrounded by men in hi-vis jackets and big boots.

It’s reassuring in a city where so many ordinary things all of a sudden get hijacked by yummy mummies and city blokes who look uncomfortable because they’re not in a suit, to find a place that looks so cool, that does a proper job, and has stayed completely true to its customers.

Truly London, truly English, truly (for the moment) off-the-beaten tourist trail.


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