For the love of books #2

The world is divided into those who think it’s civilised to keep books in the loo, and those who think it’s decidedly not.

My dad is in the first group and used to keep a pile of books in the toilet of the house where we grew up.

I always remember thinking there was something a bit illicit about sneaking a peek into those books. After all, they were ‘grown up books’. Most of the time I didn’t really understand what they were about, and he’s such a fast reader, the book would have been swapped for something else by the time I got to the end of the first chapter.

Then one day, my dad left a book that was utterly compelling. It was called Redwall, by Brian Jacques, and after risking getting piles for a few days, I just came straight out and asked if I could read it. Turns out it was a children’s book after all, but it had what seemed to me to be quite a grown up cover. I was hooked.

The Redwall stories were about a group of animals who had adventures. A bit more fantasy-esque than The Animals of Farthing Wood, and not anywhere near as worthy as Wind in the Willows.

I read that Brian Jacques sadly died a couple of days ago. So it seems timely to name Redwall as another book I have loved. Not because I’m a big animal lover (not by any means), but because his stories were pure escapism, and he was an author whose next book couldn’t come out soon enough.


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