How to get more champagne than you deserve

One of the best things about my job is being invited to events with champagne receptions. My only problem is that I’m not very good at schmoozing the room.

The delightful CC is a wonder and a marvel to behold when it comes to all social events. Maybe it’s because she’s in PR but she can schmooze a room better than anyone I know. So I’ve been trying to learn from her, since schmoozing people can do no harm when it comes to finding material to write about.

One of the many things I’ve learned from her, is how to get more champagne that you deserve, a lesson I put to the test at last Saturday’s wedding.

It’s very simple really. CC makes everyone she speaks to feel special, whether they’re clients, colleagues, guests or staff. After all, if you want someone to ultimately do something for you, then it pays for you to make them feel wonderful.

So, if you want a waiter, doing the rounds of a room with a champagne bottle in hand, to refill your glass, it’s worth paying them a bit of attention.

First you have to catch the waiter’s attention. You’d have to do this anyway to get a top up, but it’s worth doing this early on, even when you’ve still got fizz in your glass, to set a precedent for the rest of the event.

Once they’ve come over, ask them their name and introduce yourself and the whole group you’re with, as if they’ve come to join you for the conversation. On Saturday, our lovely waiter was called Claudio. I’m fairly confident he didn’t remember any of our names, but we’d delayed him enough in his rounds for him to clock our faces and for him to feel he was significant to us in some way. And he was significant to us – he was the keeper of endless supplies of champagne.

You can ask a question or make brief conversation if you like, but as they go to leave make sure you explicitly ask them to bring you more champagne – something like ‘Come back to us with more champagne and we’ll chat some more,’ or ‘You’re definitely going to make sure we don’t run out of champagne, right?’ Or whatever doesn’t sound cheesy.

Smile, be kind, introduce yourself and have a brief conversation, and you should be looked after nicely all evening.

In our case, we couldn’t drink the champagne fast enough before Claudio came back to top us up again.


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