You raise me up

I think I’ve been watching too much Mad Men, because all of a sudden I have a desperate desire to accentuate my curves. Does this fit in with a feminist mystique? I’m not quite sure…

Anyway, I got money to buy new underwear for Christmas, so I duly took myself off to Debenhams to take care of my curves and buy bras in my usual size.

In the changing room, I called the assistant to ask her opinion about the fit. Tape measure in hand, she briskly ordered me to ‘lift up my boobs’ and went about measuring me. ‘Yep,’ she said, with some satisfaction ‘You’re definitely a 32D.’

She started to leave the cubicle, but I called her back. ‘D?! Are you sure? I’ve always been a 34B…’

‘You’ve got a tiny back – you’re definitely not more than a 32. You might be a C/D. Try them and see.’

Well. The Queen’s bra maker Rigby and Peller estimate that 80 per cent of women wear the wrong sized bra, a fact that I have loved to quote for the past few years, naively believing that I was in the 20 per cent who had it right.

But I decided to take her word for it, and tried to see.

I wasn’t right. I was in with the 80 per cent, a revelation, that has given me a feeling that frankly can only be fully done justice by Josh Groban:



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