Baldness versus period pains

Just a short post to say that, although I’m sure losing your hair when you’re a man is mildly psychologically distressing, it’s in no way as bad as period pains. So when I heard on the radio this morning that scientists may have found a ‘cure’ for baldness, I assumed I was still half asleep and dreaming. Since when has baldness become an illness?

I live my life with an element of fear that I will experience a repeat of last January’s horrendous trauma on Shaftesbury Avenue. I would much rather put up with being bald than live my life with the potential of a repeat of that looming over me. And I would very much like it if researchers would spend more time trying to find out how to prevent that happening to me, before they solve the mystery of male pattern baldness.

Just saying!

One response to “Baldness versus period pains

  1. I absolutely couldn’t agree more! Given the option I too would prefer to be balding than struck down on a monthly basis.
    Bet all the scientists who found this ‘cure’ were fellas.
    I wonder where they get their money to do this kind of research? So much for the common good…

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