I am thankful that I’m incapable
Of doing any good on my own

Thankful, Caedmons’ Call

David Cameron has announced his intention to invest £2million in conducting a survey of our happiness. How this will be measured I haven’t got the faintest idea – but since it’s American Thanksgiving, I’d like to suggest they maybe try and work out how grateful we feel.

You don’t have to have a lot, own a lot, earn a lot to be grateful. And when you focus on what you are thankful for, it helps to remind you about how good life is, how glorious it is to be alive. It might not make you feel happy, but it does makes you feel good.

There’s a song by Caedmon’s Call called Thankful that’s been stuck in my head for days.  I remember being so sad a few years ago, and singing this to remind myself that even when you’re not happy, life is still good.

So today I am thankful for the bacon ciabatta I bought myself for lunch – properly crisp bacon, just salty and greasy enough to feel naughty but not disgusting. I’m thankful that I got paid on Tuesday and so could afford to treat myself to a bacon butty at lunchtime.
I’m thankful for a workplace that’s relaxed enough to let me arrive in half an hour late this morning without flinching.
I’m thankful that I was late because we were celebrating winning two magazine awards last night.
I’m thankful I was on the teams for both those magazines.
I’m thankful I work for such a creative company, that our skills get recognised in the industry.
I’m grateful for the champagne and the red wine we were given to drink all night, for the waiting staff’s polite and courteous attitude at such a large event.
I’m thankful for being able to wear a nice frock, put on a bit of make up, walk around in a ridiculous pair of high heels and play at being girly.
I’m thankful I have a job which lets me go to posh dos and pretend I live a more glamorous life than I do.
I’m thankful my life is not uber-glamorous and that I get to go home to my lovely light flat above Greggs.
I’m thankful for the woodchip on our walls, which reminds me that life isn’t one big magazine photoshoot.
I’m thankful for how polite the workmen refurbishing Greggs were all the time they were doing their work, and I’m thankful that I wake up to the smell of baking bread again, now the shop’s reopened.
I’m thankful I found a new flatmate so easily, and I’m thankful I’ve been able to live with the lovely B for as long as I have.
I’m thankful she’s found a job doing what her heart wants to do and I’m thankful that people are supporting her to do it.
I’m thankful that she introduced me to a champagne lifestyle, a legacy that will last long after she’s left the country.

And so on and so forth. If you were being surveyed for a happiness index, what would you say you were grateful for?


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