Desperately seeking silence

It’s not for nothing that the songwriter wrote the lyrics ‘silence is golden’. I’d say actually it’s more like a perfect and unflawed blue diamond. Nigh on impossible to find.

I work up near Kings Cross St Pancras, not just a major entry point to London but an international arrivals area for the Eurostar. It heaves with people and coffee shops to serve those people.

In the quest for silence it’s not an ideal place to look for somewhere solitary and serene. Last week I had thought i’d find a quiet spot in one of the aforementioned coffee places. But these are far from quiet or restful spaces. Music plays over the speakers and the constant chatter and clatter of crockery makes it an unhelpful space to try and stop and be still for ten minutes.
On that particular day I ended up sitting in the train station itself. At least there there was no music and lots of people are hurrying around so much there’s little conversation.

Not completely silent though.

Today I decided to try the British Library. It’s so obviously a place where silence will rule, right? Wrong. It was quiet. Definitely quieter than the train station. But not silent.
I found so
Ewhere to sit and settled into being still. Around me was whispers conversations, the gentle regular thud of people’s footsteps as they passed, even the sound of phones on vibrate.

Quiet yes. Silent? No.

I don’t really know whee I’m likely to fi d a silent space, I’m going to keep looking and until I find one I’ll just have to concentrate on getting silent inside myself. Which is a whole other blogpost in itself…

One response to “Desperately seeking silence

  1. How about Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens? There are lots of quiet spots there (ok maybe not silent but it’s peaceful?)

    For some strange reason I don’t think you’ll find a silent spot here-I would have thought at this time of night it would be silent in my house but I can hear the neighbours, the humming of the fridge and the clock ticking…maybe you should opt for quiet instead?

    Incognito x

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