Is my ideal man an accountant?

‘Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.’

It’s an old proverb but I think it’s still true: you can’t truly hide who you are or what you think once you start talking.

I definitely can’t. If there’s an opportunity for me to give my opinion, on any subject, even ones I know nothing about – is Facebook evil? is the latest spending review progressive or regressive? should Cheryl Cole change her name back to Tweedy? – I’m there, talking off the top of my head, making up an argument as I go along. It’s clear from the start, I’m a gobbo. And an opinionated one too.

Sometimes things about ourselves just slip out. So, while I was away, I said to FF, in the context of a conversation neither of us can remember, that I would like to be in a meaningful relationship. She was gobsmacked, as was I. My life coach has been trying to get that out of me for the best part of nine months (more on that another time), and there it was, spoken, out there, easy peasy. The fullness of my heart falling out of my big mouth.

All of which really makes me wonder,

Is my ideal man actually an accountant?

I know accountants and I know they don’t live up to their stereotype of being boring. They’re not boring. But it’s not as glamorous a job as being a pilot, like FF said. I thought I said it because I didn’t want to be pestered with any further questions about my exciting invented boyfriend and his jetset lifestyle.

But maybe I said it because I want to be the one with the exciting life, the exotic travels and chauffeured cars, and I’ll need someone stable (as one of the commenters on my last post so rightly pointed out) and undramatic to hold the fort and feed the kids while I chase down that story in Papua New Guinea…

Uh oh. Did I just say I wanted kids too? I think I’m going to stop typing right there. Clearly out of the abundance the heart, this girl also blogs…

2 responses to “Is my ideal man an accountant?

  1. HA HA! I love this…and the fact that the truth does eventually slip out…but not when people pester at you for it!

    πŸ™‚ good luck finding yourself Mr Accountant…and may he be the one who can give you “…the exciting life, the exotic travels and chauffeured cars…”

  2. Maybe admitting that there is room in your life for an “ideal man” is enough for one day? πŸ™‚ It’s like finding out you’re six weeks pregnant. You know someone else will be in you life soon, but there’s no way to tell what they will look like or be like. I know…patience. It’s not my strong suit, either.

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