Another love letter

Back in April, I wrote about someone who had found a love letter left by someone for the nameless commuter they sat opposite on a train every day, declaring their heartfelt love and admiration.

By definition, romance is kind of old-fashioned. Well the romance that you read about in books or watch in films or listen to on the radio, anyway. But in real life, romance happens all the time. It’s in the small, ordinary things that are so sweet they make your tummy flip a little. It’s normally buried in with a whole load of boring things, cheesy things, inconvenient things. But when the story gets retold, it’s all about the romance. Romance takes the starring role.

This wasn’t sent to me. It’s not old-fashioned. In fact I don’t think you can get anything less old-school than Spotify. But when I saw this modern variation on the mix-tape, a playlist compiled as a love letter, my tummy did a little flip of joy. It’s a bit cheesy. Spotify is a bit ordinary. But the time and effort that went into it speaks of true romance.


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