I like that you can simply ‘like’ things on Facebook. Wouldn’t it be nice to go around liking things in real life? Drunk pensioners. Finding a fiver. Strangers who say hello. Most dogs. Like, like, like, like. I’d like that.

A guy who I used to work with posted this as his Facebook status a couple of days ago. I like it. He’s very clever.

So I thought I’d share it so you could Like it too (there’s a new WordPress function, apparently, that lets you do that). If we spent as much time ‘liking’ things in real life as we do in the virtual world, perhaps we’d notice how lovely life is.

Bank all those things in your head, so that when someone asks you ‘How was your day?’, you can say ‘Well, I was walking behind a man on the Underground today who was wearing a turban the most glorious mustard yellow colour and I really liked it. And when the sun set, the church tower I can see from my bedroom window lit up with a green light that made it look like a minaret, and I liked it. And I read an article about Robbie Williams getting married and selling the pictures to Hello! magazine that made me laugh out loud TWICE that I liked too.’

Children do it all the time, but we lose the knack when we’re older. We could practice by compiling daily ‘Like’ lists.

Better still, we could say it. I like your hair today. I liked that story you told me. I like that you went to the shop and bought me a Diet Coke. I like it when you say thank you. I like the smiley checkout lady in the supermarket. I like you.

It would be like sticking a big thumbs up sticker on things that said Like! in big letters. Trees, the 155 bus, cycle hire, melted butter on hot oven bottom muffins, the new Sainsbury’s near me, friends and their birthdays.

I bet we’d all feel a lot better and I’d quite like that.


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