Hareem pants

Last week I wore a skirt that I love. It’s black and maxi length and although I’ve admittedly had it for a while, I (did) think it’s fairly timeless.

Earlier this year I had put this particular skirt on a pile to give to charity, but rescued it when I went to Damascus and needed modest clothing. Putting it on there I decided I still wanted it. So it went back into my wardrobe and last Thursday, I wore it to work.

About halfway through the day, someone told me my skirt was ‘very 2000’ and then proceeded to describe a pair of jeans they had owned in that year that had a piece of brown cord sewn in along the inner seam of both legs. The trousers sounded like a hideous item of clothing. Which meant my skirt also, at least to this person, mist be a hideous item of clothing.

I then realised that I had bought this particular skirt in or around 2002, and that the description ‘very 2000’ was probably accurate.

‘I am,’ said my head ‘at least five years out of date. Outmoded and out of fashion.’

So I went to Topshop and on my way realised that actually I’m ten years out of date because 2000 was a decade ago. O dear. O dear o dear.

‘What can I wear that won’t make me look like a grunge throwback?’ I wondered.

I always like to think that when I look back on photos of myself I won’t look ridiculous, but in this instance I decided to throw caution to the winds. And so, in spite of having debated at length how utterly ridiculous they are in the past, I bought myself hareem pants.

Actually I really like them.

So now I need to work out whether to keep the skirt until I’m 40 and it’s actually fashionable again.
And I have to live with the irony that, instead of looking like myself circa 2000, who, as far as I can remember, looked fairly reasonable, to make myself look cool I had to make myself look like MC Hammer circa 1990, someone who even in 1990 we thought looked at least faintly ridiculous.

O fashion how I love thee!


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