Hanging by a thread

My personal election night/day highlights so far:

MP Nicola Blackwood who fulfilled her promise to sing if she won the seat in Oxford West.

Peter Robinson’s defeat by the Alliance in Belfast East: FF‘s comment from that constituency – ‘I did that!’

The close-run count between Sinn Fein and the independent Unionist in Fermanagh and South Tyrone. Fourth recount underway as I type, and maybe only ten votes in it…

The Returning Officer for the constituencies that take in Wandsworth Borough – she wore her mayoral jewellery for full pomp an ceremony, and then shouted at Sadiq Khan’s supporters to ‘Shut up and let me finish’, like a gobby northern fishwife when the results for Tooting came in.

The lateness of Lancaster and Fleetwood (my old constituency) to call. Wondered whether they’d misread the memo about racing to be the first to get the result out, as a race to be the last. Here’s what the BBC website said about it:
14:27 The BBC journalist at the Lancaster & Fleetwood count reports that they are due to declare imminently. She also says that the likely result will be very, very close, and that there is a very tense atmosphere at the count..

Bruce Forsyth at the BBC party on the Thames commenting that he thought the exit poll was ‘high, very high’, before trying to make everyone respond to his usual ‘Nice to see you, to see you nice’ routine…

And this classic photograph which kind of sums up what we have inevitably, faced with no real clear options, have collectively decided to do after all:


2 responses to “Hanging by a thread

  1. Just been re-watching the Forsyth moment:

    Actually, his catchphrase was before his “analysis”. But anyway, the point is whenever he got asked a question about politics he changed the subject as quickly as he could.

    How on earth can an exit poll be “high”?


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