Lads don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses

This week I got an earful from one of my colleagues at work who can’t understand why I don’t wear my glasses.

The answer is very simple.

I’m vain.

But then, according to the Daily Mail, 7.5 million other women are exactly the same as me.  So I’m assuming I’m in fairly good company.

Paul Surridge of the Sight Care Group, who conducted the survey, said: ‘What seems ridiculous is that girls would much rather damage their eyesight permanently than visit their local independent optician for a quick check.’

No more ridiculous than damaging the bones in their feet, hips and backs and their knee joints by wearing high heels out of vanity. To look and feel attractive, we do a fair number of slightly ridiculous things. Perversely, I quite like the contradiction of being reasonably intelligent and doing something totally stupid. I like to think it makes me a bit more human.

Or maybe I am actually just daft. Anyway, it gives me stories to tell, where I get to poke fun at myself and make everyone else feel a little more sensible. And that, I think, is a public service worth wandering through the world in a blissful blur for.

In conclusion, you should thank me for not wearing my glasses. Fact.


3 responses to “Lads don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses

  1. I find that girls who wear glasses can look cute, intelligent and secure. You can take them off whenever you want for guys to have a look at your natural face. Or you can wear contacts on special occasions. Frankly girls make the glasses look good. The reason why guys don’t make passes at glass eyed girls is because you look intelligent. So you command respect. Yeah, glasses don’t give a flirty impression. But like I said you can always take them off when the occasion arises.

  2. I wear glasses as I am way too blind to go without. I have my “work” smart glasses and a funky “going out” pair. They have become my staple. I am “seeing” a guy who’s first line to me was about how hot my glasses were. Maybe I look smarter or maybe my eyes are open wider as I am not squinting to see people.
    Also where I live people wear glasses even when they don’t need them! Maybe they are an upcoming trend…

  3. I’m more than happy to make a pass at a woman that wears non-tinted glasses, just not sun glasses. I can’t see if there is any interest. Eyes are a give away to how they are feeling and a perv is great but has to be both ways!

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